When sending SMS messages from your phone, as a field of the sender is always displayed our phone number and you can not change that. In contrast to the TideMobile services mass mailing SMS/MMS. Here is allowed any inscription of the range of 3-11 alphanumeric characters.

Sending SMS may present itself in the form of a number:

  • GSM numbers – 48509999999 or 509999999
  • landlines – 222927900
  • company name or product – TideMobile
  • domain names – domena_a.pl

Our company is the first in Poland and worldwide distributor (so far only Polish GSM operators had this privilege), which guarantees any inscription, meets two key conditions:

  • It allows to build any alphanumeric subtitle, including the use of characters such as dot, underscore or space
  • landlines – 222927900
  • SMS with these subtitles, we are able to deliver to all Polish GSM operators (T-Mobile, Plus, Orange, Play) without the use of interconnect (increased charge Interconnection).

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