TideMobile has several methods of connectivity. To choose the best you must take into account two elements:

  • efficiency - Number of sent SMS messages per month, instantaneous delivery increases (peaks) per hour, delivery time single SMS
  • contents - Type of content sent in the SMS, security and reporting.

Connection methods are:

  • SMPP – protocol of TCP \ IP
  • XML Tide - Tide Software protocol of a standard SOAP-based webservice
  • GET \ POST HTML - a simple call to HTML

The choice of connection in terms of content:


  • HTTP and XML encrypted Trusted SSL Certificate
  • SMPP - Dedicated VPN tunnels Site This Site.

Dynamic content:

  • HTTP - basic possibilities
  • XML - the ability to build complex dynamic packages
  • The lack of SMPP, content must be sent in final form.


  • The lack of HTTP, eports are available on the side of the interface platform Tide
  • XML - high availability reports
  • SMPP - reporting service status, other reports available from the platform Tide.

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