General information

What network operators are serviced by TideMobile?

TideMobile services are directly connected to all Polish GSM operators (TMobile, Plus, Orange and Play) and also have many connections to foreign operators. There are more than one hundred of such connections.

What is the efficiency and stability of TideMobile services?

The TideMobile services, based on SMS example, are able to send over 5 mln of SMS per hour, through direct connections to Polish operators, and over 800 SMS per second when using foreign connections additionally. The special technical infrastructure was implemented due to serve such an amount of SMSes and to ensure the high level of access.

What is the safety of TideMobile services?

The highest level of protection is used in TideMobile services. We use SSL certificates (more in „Safety certificates”) for encrypting the communication through the Internet and have our own pool of external IP addresses, allowing us to built safe VPN tunnels of Site2Site type.

Subtitles (Sender ID, branding)

What the Subtitles, Sender ID and branding are?

Each communication to mobile phone has an information about the sender. There is possibility to hide such information only in voice connections. SMS or MMS always come with the information of sender. In general this is a number, however there can be text also. The Subtitle can be also named as Sender ID or branding.

Can a Subtitle be text also?

Yes, a Subtitle can be text also, but only if the special SMSC services, such as TideMobile, are used. There is possibility of sending SMS or MMS from GSM phone, only if SIM card is installed in the particular phone.

What are the limitations of Subtitle?

The Subtitle must have at least 3 and maximum 11 characters. It can be a number or text. In case it is text the characters allowed are only these from the GSM7 scope. There is more about these characters in „ Encoding of SMS content and Senders IDs”. It is worth to note that TideMobile service, as the first one and one of the few in Poland and worldwide have the possibility to use any Sender ID to all GSM Polish operators. For more details in this regard, see chapter „Any Subtitles”.

Can the Subtitle be modified dynamically?

Yes, TideMobile services allow to send information with dynamic subtitle, for example each SMS can have different subtitle, which might be sent by an user by choosing a particular connection to Tidemobile services method.

P4, the network operator, introduced a strict control of subtitles of SMSes, which come through foreign channels. That means:

  • No text subtitles such us: „MyCompany”
  • No Alphanumeric subtitles, with the country code to Poland, for example: +48XXXXXXXXX
  • SMPP standard
  • No incomplete-format-Alphanumeric subtitles, meaning shortened numbers or numbers without country code.

As a consequence, any SMS will not reach Play when using foreign channels, unless we put there a full foreign number for example: +41XXXXXXXXX, what particularly in most cases turns out to be unsuitable. What is more, the fee for sending such SMS will be charged, even if the message does not reach the receiver. In case of our connection such problem does not exist, beacuse of having the possibility of sending any subtitle we want to P4 network. For more details in this regard, see chapter „Any Subtitles”.

SMS content

How long is the SMS content?

Theoretically SMS might have any lenght you wish. In fact, SMSes longer that 1000 characters are not supported by some operators. Also a large part of phones have problem with combining long SMSes. It is needed to say that one physical sms has always a fixed lenght depending on encoding (there is more in „Encoding of SMS content and Senders IDs”), while long SMSes are simply built from a few physical SMSes, which are combined in one on a phone of receiver. We recommend SMSes that are no longer than 3 physical SMSes.

Can Polish characters or Cyrillic be used in SMS content?

Yes, there can be used practically any characters, including Polish diactric signs, Cyryllic or Arabic Alphabet. It is important to remember though such SMSes are shorten then, which we write about in „Encoding of SMS content and Senders IDs”.

Can the content of SMS be dynamical?

Yes, it is worth to mention, that TideMobile services is just a part of the whole Tide Platform. One of functionalities of the Platform are so-called attributes. We can build a content of the SMS, as: „Dear @1 @2 there are @3 poinst on your account”. @1, @2, @3 are attributes, which we can define dynamically, for example: @1=Mr, @2=John, @3=30 and we get a content like this one: „Dear Mr John, there are 30 points on your account”. The possibilities of generating of dynamic content are obviously far bigger.

Special SMS types

What is SMS Flash type or 0 class?

This is SMS, which displays immediately on a screen and is not saved on a phone by default. However TideMobile services support that kind of SMSes, we do not recommend it, because this form of communication is strongly unreliable. A large part of phones are not able to deal with such SMSes. Additional limitation is sending only in GSM7 coding, simplifying without any Polish diacritic marks (there is more about coding in „Encoding of SMS contest and Senders IDs”).


How to configure a mobile phone due to support MMS?

Mobile phones configurator is an automatic service enables configuration of models of phones accordingly to support MMS. The websites of GSM operators:

  • Plus
  • Orange
  • T-Mobile
  • Play

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