We focus on high-quality equipment and tried-and-tested technology due to use the TideMobile service 24 hours per day without interference and downtime whilst fully respecting data protection.

Full redundancy, power supply and air-conditioning

We prepared fully redundant technical infrastructure to ensure a high-quality, high reliability and continuity of our services.

Data Center

We have two parallel independent Data Centers located at the two biggest collocation service suppliers in Poland. Both Data Centers have several circuits of power supply with UPS back-up systems and the guarantee of the energy supply continuity at the level of 99,999%. They have an autonomic precise air-conditioning system with redundancy maintaining the adequate temperature and humidity in technical rooms. Each of our Partners, who supplies the collocation service has its own infrastructure, which is developed and redundant, with many points of contacts and an exchange of traffic with other operators. In managing the prefixes for IP addresses, which were given us according to compile BGP sessions with connectivity suppliers, we have full control on spreading the traffic over server rooms and all connections.


We have computing clusters built by using high-advanced IBM technology, such as Blade Center H (4 “hot-swap” in two circuit power – supplies) or DS5020 arrays (two independent “hot-swap” connected to two power sources). Every router, switch and other infrastructural equipment have at least two independent power supplies “hot-swap”. Every cluster has at least two fibre networks with 99,99% access guaranteed.


System and databases environment is virtualized based on VMWare Solutions. Servers and bases are clustered. At least two production environments and several additional back-ups are maintained. Many shutters and backup pictures are created. The Tide.Platform.com and the connected services are diversified, multiplied and dispersed across many clusters. It is connected all together into TideSoftware Cloud.

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