Information on the 7 and 8-bit encoding inscriptions and method of calculation for the mass mailing of SMS.

    Subtitle encoding and content of SMS is a complex topic. From a technical point of view, SMS can be 7 or 8 bits, and the subtitles only 7-bit. Content SMS 8 bits can contain any characters including Polish and Cyrillic characters. Subtitles and content of SMS messages 7 bit may only contain a special range GSM7:

      @£$¥èéùìòÇØøÅåΔ_ΦΓΛΩΠΨΣΘΞÆæßÉ!\"#¤%&''()*+,./ 0123456789:;<=>?¡ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ÄÖÑܧ¿abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzäöñüà{}^[]~\€|

    The most important consequence of the 8-bit encoding is to shorten the length of a single SMS, and as a result - the calculation of the mass mailing of SMS:

    • 7-bit - if SMS is <= 160 characters is 160 characters otherwise multiples of 153 characters
    • 8-bit - if SMS is <= 70 marks to 70 marks, otherwise a multiple of 67 characters.

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