The TideMobile technical infrastructure is based on the latest IBM technologies. We have our own telecommunication node, what gives an opportunity to build independent tunnels between us and Clients.

According to ITU (International Telecommunication Union) statistically over than 95% entire humanity has an access to mobile network. In Poland there is more SIM cards registered than people living in our country, which is now over than 56 mln.

Technical infrastructure

These data make us aware the scale of the challenge for a company wishing to provide mobile telecommunication services. The TideMobile infrastructure is ready to store all the SMS sent in Poland even for a period of three years (it is over 140 mld SMSes). It’s efficiency of direct connection to Polish GSM operators reaches nearly 5 mln of SMS and MMS per hour, and if using foreign channels can become several times larger. The time of delivery a single SMS to a receiver is up to 3 seconds (priority 2).

We have the equipment which is based on the latest IBM technologies such us BladeCenter-H (the cluster of 12 servers), IBM HS22 servers (96 GB RAM, 2 x hexa core Xeon 3, 06GHz), IBM 5020 FC disk arrays. All connections and components are redundant (duplicated), which implies that, in the case of any component failure, a system still works. The whole system is collocated at one of the biggest Data Center in Poland, the key features of which are:

  • A dual site monitoring: 24h phisical protection and camera system
  • An access control system with an electronic personal keycards
  • Power safety provided by two independent 230 VAC power sources, UPSes system (N+1) and emergency power generator triggered automatically and immediately in the cases of power supply failure
  • An autonomous precision air conditioning system with the redundancy keeps a constant temperaturę and ait humidity in technical rooms
  • Fire protection with using a group of circuits of specalised fire detectors, a laser system for early smoke detection VESDA and the fire-extinguishing system Inergas, which is integrated into one security system
  • An access to international highspeed links, TPSA network and also Interoperators nodes
  • Security of transmission capacity through diversified transmission connections

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