The guarantee fixed prices throughout cooperation

Thanks worked out contacts with all Polish GSM operators, we are able to guarantee fixed prices for our services.

TideMobile provides constant prices for mobile services through established cooperation with all Polish GSM operators.

What are the possibilities of using mobile services?

For example, for sending SMS and MMS messages, you can use several solutions:

  • use a regular phone, a SIM card with bonus SMS or MMS and manually generate SMS or MMS
  • use a GSM modem, the right software and GSM cards with bonus SMS or MMS
  • send SMS or MMS by a foreign distributor
  • send SMS or MMS by Polish GSM operators

Looking at these opportunities only last a guarantee of a fixed price. Services TideMobile are based on signed agreements with all Polish GSM operators for direct access to their systems. As a result, our company also signs an agreement with the client to guarantee him a fixed price mass SMS or MMS.

Common pitfalls price:

The first two solutions are based on the use of prepaid cards with the so-called "free" SMS or MMS. But just carefully read the terms and conditions of such "bonuses" and it turns out that it may not be used for mass SMS or MMS, or other business activities. As a result of sending such a card already dozens of SMS or MMS, can block it permanently. Then you have to buy another card, and costs are rising significantly. This solution has the additional disadvantage, of the data in the sender field (you will always phone number assigned to the card) are constantly changing. There remains the legal aspect violation of regulations.

Price in a foreign supplier can change in an instant by tens of percent. The quality of service SMS is often low. In calling from abroad interconnection can not be used, for example text strings or numbers to Polish Play network.

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