Mass mailing SMS at a reasonable price

Refer to the SMS pricing and see that it is one of the most attractive offers on the market. Sign a contract with us and conduct SMS campaigns in an even better price.

Pricing SMS service TideMobile guaranteeing price stability thanks to an agreement with all GSM operators in Poland.

Price list

The size of the SMS Pack Charge Price for SMS
500 89 PLN 0,178 PLN
1 000 169 PLN 0,169 PLN
5 000 690 PLN 0,138 PLN
10 000 1 290 PLN 0,129 PLN
20 000 2 290 PLN 0,1145 PLN
50 000 4 990 PLN 0,0998 PLN
100 000 8 990 PLN 0,0899 PLN
200 000 16 990 PLN 0,08495 PLN
500 000 39 990 PLN 0,0798 PLN
  • Pricing takes into account the service of ported numbers to other operators.
  • Prices apply to text messages sent to Polish GSM network. Prices are calculated on the assumption that no single operator does not exceed 40%.
  • Billing for long SMS is described in „SMS content encoding and subtitling”.
  • Bought a pack of SMS can be used within 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • All fees are net, and belongs to them include VAT at the applicable rate.

Guaranteed fixed price

Services TideMobile are based on signed agreements with all Polish GSM operators and fixed-line network for direct connections to their systems. Thanks also our company signs a contract with the customer to guarantee him a fixed price mass SMS or MMS.

When signing the contract for the services provided by our company services for a longer period of time, we guarantee the possibility of lower prices TideMobile.

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