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Create a successful campaigns. Start using a simple-to-use system that allows sent many types of MMS: Voice, QR, Pack.

Send MMS messages individually and collectively to the Polish and abroad with guaranteed fixed price. TideMobile provides high quality and constant prices for mobile services through established cooperation with all Polish GSM operators.

100% delivery reports

50 000 brands handled

Technical support 24/7

TideMobile MMS is a service that comprehensively manages sending and receiving both: single and bulk MMS of up to 300kb. It enables fast data loading and mass mailing of messages containing the diverse content in many popular formats, such as .:

  • graphics: GIF, PNG, JPEG
  • sound files: MP3, WAV
  • video: MPEG4, Quick Time, H.263

See also: 3-step start of sending without an installation and agreement

Practical functionality mass mailing MMS:

  • Any subtitles
  • Developed file of address data with a history of changes of data and agreements
  • Improvements of management of personal data - black lists, self-insight into and update
  • Easy import of numbers and other data from excel or word files
  • Geo-targeting that is selecting a group of receivers according to the location
  • Personalization of a content involving an identification of a gender and assigning name days, variety of names, surnames and generic names
  • Dynamic content
  • Monitoring of clicks of a link with identification of number that clicked
  • Graphic and tabular reports with options of export, filtering and grouping
  • Tools for collecting data – online forms, social-media plug-ins and iPad application

Simple and fast mass mailing all sorts of MMS, from one place on-line with guaranteed data security.

See also: Quality and fail-safety, security, technical infrastructure and SLA

Use a combination of forms of communication: MMS + email+ voice

  • Sending MMS only to persons, who click the email link
  • Redirection to a website - only persons who have received MMS QR
  • Redirection a person who listen the voice message to a consultant

TideMobile also enables sending SMS and voice messages VMS.

See also: TideEmail – the marketing email tool

Automate mass mailing MMS. Integrate an accounting and POS software, e-shop and so on using ready-to-use API. Send MMS automatically after purchasing goods in a stationary or online store, debt collection and before-the-appointment reminders etc.

See also: More information about Tide Software.

  • MMS

    Sending graphics, music, film. Capacity up to 300 kb. Safety backed certificate. High reliability (SLA).
  • MMS Voice

    Sending of audio files - MP3, MIDI, WAV (music, video). Message dedicated to the disabled (visually impaired).
  • MMS QR

    High capacity data - even more than 7000 characters. Error correction algorithm - up to 30% fewer mistakes.
  • MMS Pack

    Sending an bulk MMS. Maximum performance - sent simultaneously to all GSM operators. Report status in service to the end user (Delivery).

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We will respond to all your questions about Tide services, will conduct a presentation (locally or remotely) and help run the trial version.

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