Simple and functional integration

Select a set of ready-to-use modules suitable for your needs. Integrate it with the software you are working on and enjoy a multitude of new features.

TideMobile is also a set of ready-to-use modules that are used in various industries. They cooperate with many external solution, making SMS communication efficient and convenient.
  • For popular CRM systems

    Information for the client, or quick information about the client is a message that can be passed in the form of SMS - through integration TideMobile with CRM software.

  • For popular ERP systems

    ERP systems are feature-rich and stored data. Another dimension of their functioning may be mass mailing SMS through which messages automatically raise the efficiency of the entire company.

  • For ticketing systems

    Communication via SMS works well when ticket sales. This way you can recall at a concert or within the next match.

  • For popular platforms, e-commerce, B2C, B2B

    SMS perfect as a complement to transactions carried out via electronic. They provide confirmation, reminder and thanks, which is part of enhancing the quality of customer service.

  • For popular accounting systems

    Accounting systems can automatically generate alerts, reminders and other messages relevant to the recipient. It worth combine their capabilities with the function of sending SMS.

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